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Registration Questions...

After I make my registration, how do I make my monthly payments?

You can make monthly payments several ways. Visit our home page, powertoexhale.org,  and click on the link “make monthly payment” in the top right hand corner.

Can I make reservations on an event after payments have begun?

Yes, you can make reservations on any event at anytime as long as the reservations are still open. You will need to make the first deposit and then every month make monthly payments.

Do you provide roommate matching?

Yes, we can arrange for roommate matching on select travel packages. Each travel event will list if roommate matching is available.

What happens after I make my reservation?

Once you make your reservations, you will receive an account summary. Your account summary will list your monthly payment plan. This is defaulted to charge your credit card every month.

What happens if my roommate drops or cancels?

If your roommate cancels their reservations, your account will be adjusted to the package price according to the new occupancy in your room.

When will I receive the final itinerary for my trip?

Itineraries are sent to each client 30 days before the event via email.

Payment Questions...

Do I have to make a monthly payment each month?

You should make every effort to make a payment every month. If you find yourself not being able to make a payment, please send us an email. If you fail to make a payment for 60 days without any communication to us, your reservations will automatically cancel.

Do you provide refunds?

No, we do not provide refunds nor do we transfer money. Each client is required to accept our Terms and Conditions before reservations is accepted. To protect your investment, each and every client is encouraged to purchase travel insurance.

What happens if I make my payments but my roommate fails to pay hers?

You will be responsible for finding a new roommate or you must pay the additional cost for the room occupancy change.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We accept credit card payments over the phone with a 3.95% fee.

Other Questions...

How do I join the Power to Exhale movement?

Just click here to take the pledge and join the movement.  It’s FREE!

What happens after I join the movement?

You will receive an email from us explaining the perks of being a Power to Exhale member.  You can connect with a local chapter, if there is one near you. Most importantly, you just took the Power to Exhale pledge and you are now a part of a movement to rid women globally of their DNA (Demeaning Negative Attitudes.)  Yay You!